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As the impact or severity of the current outbreak of COVID‐19, the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) has implemented precautionary and hygiene measures across its premises (Level 11 & Level 17) to protect the well‐being of members, staff and public.

All members attending meetings at BEM or visiting BEM registration / reception counter are required to declare their status on the following:

  • Whether they had travelled overseas in the last 3
  • Whether they were in contact with any of the confirmed cases of COVID‐19.
  • Whether they are having symptoms such as flu, cough, fever etc.

Members declaring that they are in either one of the above category are advised not to attend meetings or visit the registration / reception counters.

BEM places hand sanitizers at all registration / reception counters, meeting rooms and staff entrance. The sanitization works will be carried out within the premise on daily basis.

BEM will continue to exercise a high degree of caution to contain any potential spread of virus among the stakeholders.