Engineering Technology Accreditation Council

ETAC is the only recognised accrediting body for engineering technology bachelor’s degree, engineering diploma and engineering technology diploma programmes offered in Malaysia.

Engineering Accreditation Management System

We have developed a web-based system to assist in the management of the engineering accreditation process



A respected global leader in accreditation of engineering education.



To accredit engineering education programmes benchmarked to international best practices.


Quality Policy

ETAC are committed to uphold the highest quality of engineering education accreditation and to the continual improvement of their respective Standards.

Accreditation Visit Schedule

Please click to view ETAC Accreditation Schedule 2022.

Is your course accredited by ETAC

Before you sign up for that ideal engineering programme, be sure it’s ETAC-accredited. It is quite important for your future, particularly if you intend to continue your studies or apply for a job.

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