A respected global leader in accreditation of engineering education.


To accredit engineering education programmes benchmarked to international best practices.

Strategic Statement

  1. Continually enhance Accreditation Management Systems.
  2. Inculcate excellence and relevance in engineering education.
  3. Execute and promote international best practices in engineering education accreditation.
  4. Improve the process for capacity building to fulfil domestic and international roles of engineering education accreditation.
  5. Ensure resourcefulness and sustainability in all EAC/ETAC business endeavour.

Quality Policy

The EAC and ETAC are committed to uphold the highest quality of engineering education accreditation and to the continual improvement of their respective Standards.

Client Charter

  1. All matters pertaining to the accreditation of an engineering education programme shall be processed within 8 months.
  2. EAC/ETAC shall actively participate in activities related to the engineering education.
  3. All complaints and enquiries received from the public relating to engineering education programme accreditation services shall be attended to expeditiously.